18, Jun 2024
Lin shouted at the surface of the Jinhe River, "Listen carefully and stop following me or don’t blame me for being rude!"

There was a surge of waves on the river, and … there were hundreds of stalkers.
Lin smiled and turned to walk along the Golden River.
Major-General Kendall didn’t move. He was very confident. How could this little boy find out that he had it? Lin kept walking. He kept following.
Walking in the forest, I gradually approached the Golden River.
Suddenly Lin stopped again, picked up a stone from the ground and threw it into the Golden River.
The stone whizzed in the water without touching anything, and then sank to the bottom after the momentum dissipated.
"hey! Missed! "
I didn’t think much about it. Lin picked one up from the ground again and threw it into the Golden River … but this one still missed.
Lost more than ten stones in a row, but none of them hit the target.
Is there no one in the Golden River?
Lin is very clear that there are still ten people hiding in Jinhe at this time. One of them is a master who can bring him a strong sense of crisis, and the master’s eyes have been on him. The closer he is to Jinhe, the stronger this sense of crisis becomes.
Dark blue armor can be invisible in the water, but brilliant armor in the water is that a shining light will attract several liquid creatures to attack … If Lin enters Jinhe, it will definitely be ten dead and alive.
Lin, followed by these players, also wants to see if Lin will get close to the Golden River, and then drag Lin into the Golden River and kill the monster in the Lijin River to get a reward.
Didn’t hit the target forest and didn’t stop hitting it!
There are so many stones that it is impossible to lose them all.
Hit it … When Yilin speaks with confidence, "Get out of here quickly. I know what you think. It’s impossible to drag me into the water when I get close!"
This is how many people leave!
Lin continues to walk along the Jinhe River … Hiding in the Jinhe River, players are all energy armor roots, so it is impossible to have a real deep blue armor and maintain invisibility in the water. The energy consumption is extremely fast.
After a few hours, people left Major General Kande alone.
Lin also swaggered near Jinhe and took out efreet’s combating Dao and walked by the river.
Major-General Kander looked at Lin and didn’t try so hard … Because Lin was flying with flying wings, he knew that he would sneak attack for a moment and there would never be a second chance. Because of the second time, Lin could not be near Jinhe.
Major General Kander knows what Lin is doing, that is, approaching the Jinhe River and trying to attract monsters in the Jinhe River to attack, and then drying the monsters to get the monsters to explode.
What will the monster explode in the Golden River … As we all know, it is the dark blue armor manufacturing material.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven Sneak attack and anti-sneak attack!
Lin is near the Golden River!
Radiant brilliant armor immediately attracted not many brain monsters to attack a few penetrating tentacles and stretched out from the river water.
Lin, with quick eyes and quick hands, played a slightly higher skill than ordinary players. He hurriedly cut off a few tentacles and dropped them on the river bank, then immediately wriggled towards the Jinhe River and wanted to return to the river.
But Lin won’t give them a chance. efreet’s combating Dao immediately emits high temperature and inserts it into these tentacles.
Zi zi zi …
The tentacle disappeared in a short time, leaving a small blue spar that may be as heavy as a few carats (a standard gravity state weight)
Deep blue spar, this is the main manufacturing material of deep blue armor.
A set of dark blue armor weighs about a few thousand kilograms (a standard gravity state weight) … Ten thousand carats is equal to two kilograms, which is equal to four kilograms.