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Get rid of Daniels and Kevin hit a two-step basket and the field was full of joy.

"Be careful for me." Bo * Vicky shouted discontentedly. Daniels shrank his neck and ran to catch the ball.
Once again, Kevin Daniels was careful to protect the ball and fell into Robinson’s hands. Robinson turned around and jumped into the basket, and the score was pulled by Lanix. It was really bad
Kevin took the ball to the half court and didn’t give it to others. It was only by keeping a low profile at the half court that Kevin came up with this idea because he knew that he was not physically strong enough to support the whole game. Fortunately, the Knicks were not beaten by the Spurs.
Watching Daniels carefully in front of his feet, Kevin suddenly took off.
I, Bo * Vichy, swore that I was one step away from the three-point line and dared to vote.
Tim Duncan’s low jumper Camby struggled to block the ball and finally touched a little bit of the side. Lewis struggled to grab the rebound and gave it directly to Kevin. Kevin didn’t hesitate to take the ball and break through the defense. Duncan and Daniels quickly prepared to block Kevin. Kevin would slow down and they were completely fooled.
Kevin rushed to the back of the two men without slowing down, dribbling through them like dancing, and Kevin continued to rush to the Spurs basket without waiting for the others to shrink their defense.
"Stop him" Bo * Vicky shouted desperately on the bench, wishing he could stop Kevin himself.
Old Eli became the last line of defense in the basket, and Kevin entered the three-point line like a flash. Old Eli was frightened and quickly retreated, but Kevin pulled the ball back and took a step back to take off.
Kevin played with old Ellie after connecting two people, and hit another three-pointer.
It really appeared.
After reading O ‘Neill’s language, my eyes were calm and calm. Phil Jackson was an old fox. I thought that no matter whether Kevin showed a strong breakthrough ability, it was really scary. The height of 19+ was almost the same as that of 76 ers Iverson. Now Kevin plays point guard. What if he scores?
O’ Neill can’t imagine it either. It seems that the enemy will have this guy in the future.
New york Knicks finally recovered the difference to 1 point.
"Well done Kevin" Some fans waved their jerseys desperately, and Jesse jumped for joy in Kevin’s refueling list.
"Did you see that Kevin was amazing?" Jesse smiled brightly like a child getting a favorite toy.
Women’s universities don’t stay.
George held his forehead and left Miller laughing.
Bo * vic called a timeout, and Kevin’s strong rebound made him expect that it would have to be rearranged again. It’s hard to establish a score advantage, but Kevin can’t destroy it so easily.
It’s all very well for Povich to think, but can Kevin really get what he wants?
The shrinking season of 1999 is coming to an end, and the volume of 1999 season is about to ask for the main lineup of the new season. It may really be a dream come true if you write your favorite lineup.
In the middle of the night, the code word hammer was so sleepy that it kept nodding for a monthly ticket to comfort.
Chapter 42 Kevin broke the record.
Chapter 42 Kevin broke the record.
Kevin hit three points in a row
Spurs pause
"I said to stop him and don’t let him do it easily. Are you listening to me or not?" Bo * Vichy stormed on the bench.
Kevin scored several times in a row, which smoothed out the advantage that the Spurs had managed to build.
Kevin Totti has scored 15 points in a single quarter and 25 points in the whole game. Kevin Totti’s sudden outburst startled Van Gundy, but then he was ecstatic.
"Kevin, you can attack with the ball or you can distribute the ball. Alan should pay attention to the counter-run. Lewis will replace Sprewell to play small forward Larry to defend Duncan. We will try to pull the score." Van Gundy has pinned his hopes on Kevin.
"Good" Knicks also saw the hope of winning.
Kevin nodded with an expression on his face, but he was confident in his heart. He kept a low profile at half-court, but the Spurs would definitely set up a defense after long shots. It was not so easy to score after shooting, but …
Stop the game and continue. The morale of Knicks players has become much higher. On the contrary, the atmosphere of Spurs players is very dignified.
Kevin just caught the ball and passed the half-court. Daniels’ horse defended Kevin.
Sure enough, as expected, are you prepared not to let yourself take it easy? However, Kevin turned around and pushed Daniels to the basket. Daniels was hit by Kevin from the three-point line all the way back to the free throw line and pushed Daniels Kevin to hit the basket continuously.
Duncan and Robinson dare not come out to defend, but can watch Kevin play Daniels on the back. If Kevin helps defend, he will definitely put the ball through the Spurs’ defense.
It’s not easy to handle
Bo * Vichy was also distressed to see Kevin’s skillful back-hitting. With the emergence of post-Jordan breakthrough masters such as Iverson and Kobe Bryant, the back-hitting technology was gradually ignored. Many front-back swingers did not like the back-hitting technology. Part of the reason is that the back-hitting is not as easy and labor-saving as the breakthrough, but the players who can really master the essence of the back-hitting technology are not the first-line players in the league.
It seems that we can send people to take turns to consume Kevin’s physical strength. Fortunately, the Knicks also have major loopholes
Duncan suddenly turned to the basket and faced the basket directly. Larry Johnson slapped Duncan in the arm with a heavy slap. Duncan’s arm was numb with two free throws and one hit. The Knicks finally led the Spurs again.
Kevin pushed Daniels back again and threw the ball into the basket.
The Knicks lead the Spurs by three points, with more than three minutes left in the third quarter.
Now the Knicks’ tactic is to hand over the body to Kevin for singles. Bo * Vicky watched Daniels play on the back of the court, and Kevin suddenly found that it seemed to coincide with the figure of the guy with the red 23 jersey.
How can there be another Michael Jordan in this world?
Wave * has suddenly jumped up from the bench; "Defend you. Didn’t he eat?" Spurs players on the bench gaped at the sight of the always calm old fox swearing like a bitch.