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Chapter sixty-two "kidney fighter" centering

Chapter sixty-two "kidney fighter" centering
December 25th is a very unusual day for Americans, because it is Christmas in the United States. Christmas in the United States is almost as important as the hūn Festival in China, so I don’t talk nonsense. For the NBA, Christmas means Christmas War, but the Knicks don’t have any games on Christmas Eve because the league arranges the focus battle to be the Western Spurs YS Lakers.
In the second year of the playoffs, Duncan led the Spurs to sweep the Los Angeles Lakers out of Men with an absolute advantage, and almost won the championship. However, the Lakers were in high spirits, but they didn’t buy Duncan Spurs at all. In the Christmas war, the Lakers once again met in the narrow road of the Spurs at Staples Center. It was when Shaquille O’ Neal relentlessly grabbed 32 points, 11 rebounds and 5 blocked shots in Duncan David Robinson’s "Twin Towers" double team, defending the dignity of the home court 99-93.
Kevin and Jesse also watched the game together at home. Kevin was really a little scared of O ‘Neal’s strength. No wonder even top power forward Duncan said that he was most afraid of O ‘Neal’s peak shark. With the young Duncan and aging Robinson, it seems that he still underestimated O ‘Neal’s destructive power. If he really met in the finals, the Knicks’ winning rate might not exceed three layers.
All right, let’s go back to the 26th competition.
Ewing and Kevin have cooperated for a season, but the tacit understanding has been formed. If Kevin and Rasheed are still in the running-in period, the cooperation between Kevin and Ewing is close to maturity. Whether it is a double-response tactic or a high-position pick-and-roll game, both of them have cooperated with each other in an abnormal tacit understanding. It seems that they have returned to last year’s playoffs against a terrible outside partner.
On the road, the pacer Ewing played for 2 minutes and got 1 point and 4 rebounds. Although the data was similar to that of a blue-collar worker, the Knicks easily took the lead by relying on Ewing’s performance in the penalty area at half time.
The Knicks still won the game easily when the Pacers scored 35 points by Reggie Miller. I have to say that the Knicks have really become a terrible team to win the Pacers. The next day, the Knicks won the Wizards away from home and easily won two consecutive victories. Ewing’s return made the team put together the last piece of puzzle and the rookie played. It seems that the rise of the Knicks seems unstoppable.
"Kevin, do you know anything about mourning?" Back to new york before leaving, Ewing suddenly said Mourning.
"hmm? Know how to suddenly remember him? " Kevin was a little guilty and asked, you know, it was he who revealed the incident of mourning nephropathy, but he said that it was he who disabled the Heat at its peak.
"He is being treated in new york now, um … how can I put it? He is in a very bad state. I want you to accompany me to see him. After all, there are not many friends except his family in new york." Ewing thought for a moment and said.
"Oh … that’s good. When?" Kevin put his heart back into his stomach when he didn’t come to blame.
"God, let’s go early and don’t delay afternoon training." Ewing didn’t expect Kevin to promise to think for a while so soon.
"Well, see you that day." Kevin smiled and turned away.
Driving home, Kevin has been thinking about Ewing. If it is an old friend meeting, it is absolutely nonsense. You know, although Mourning doesn’t have many friends in new york, it is not enough for Ewing to find himself. There are many retired stars in new york.
Since this is not the reason, there is one-let the Knicks take Mourning in.
If that’s the case, it’s right in Kevin’s heart. You know, although Mourning’s competitive state has dropped a lot after kidney transplant surgery, he is also an extraordinary center. Besides, Mourning’s kidney transplant before can also make him get out of the disease earlier. Maybe Mourning can get back to the peak. Maybe after all, he is not yet 3 years old.
You know, during the Lakers dynasty, four centers were able to become Se centers. Mourning was injured and Mutombo was old. Although he later became a Se center, his technical characteristics doomed him to be more defensive than offensive.
Ewing’s Knicks Day is really running out, and he may retire in a year or two. In this case, it is really not enough to see one person as the pillar of the line. If Mourning can get a kidney transplant and the peak Rasheed Wallace Knicks line can compete with the Lakers, Kevin is still looking for an opportunity to get close to Mourning. I didn’t expect the opportunity to appear so soon.
Kevin came to Ewing’s home early the next morning, and both of them went to Mouning’s hospital for treatment. Although Mouning was unable to continue the game due to injury, the Heat bought out his contract and got him a lot of dollars. Although the treatment environment was very good, it was obvious that Mouning was not in a good state. When Kevin and Ewing entered the ward, they saw their faces pale and Mouning looked out of the window and didn’t know what was going on.
"Hey, A Lang, look who came to see you." Ewing saw Mourning’s situation and sighed at the bottom of his heart, but Ma adjusted his mentality and said to him with a smile.
"Um … Oh, hello Kevin." Hearing Ewing’s sound, Mourning turned his head and saw Kevin with Ewing, and he barely smiled.
"How is A Lang’s recovery?" Kevin let go of the fruit and asked with a smile.
"The operation was successful, but when the doctor said it would take about a year to recover," said Mourning.
"Congratulations, then." Kevin smiled and didn’t know what to say. Ewing was anxious to see this situation. He knew that Mourning still had great ideas about basketball, but let alone that even if he was ill, no team would take him in. After all, this contract fraud completely made Mourning look to the bottom, and it was too dangerous for future generations to continue to carry out high-intensity sports even after a kidney transplant.
"Kevin actually … A Lang Zuo hopes to enter the Knicks after the injury is healed." Ewing gritted his teeth when he saw the scene getting cold.
"Huh?" Kevin was stupefied. He was thinking about how to say that he hoped Mourning would join in. I didn’t expect Ewing to help Mourning out. I was slightly surprised to see Ewing. Kevin couldn’t believe his ears.
"It’s true. I asked the doctor. The doctor said that although Mourning had a kidney, he could continue to play basketball because of his successful operation." Kevin looked surprised and Kevin refused to agree. He quickly told the doctor’s diagnosis.
"This ….." Kevin was secretly pleased to see that Mourning recovered better than he thought. You know, Mourning was in his thirties when he underwent surgery. There was a big gap between his physical function and his twenties. Mourning returned to the basketball court after the doctor strongly opposed it and took a championship ring with the Heat. You know, Mourning was O’ Neill’s main substitute at that time and showed great Se.
"Patrick, don’t be hard on Kevin." Seeing Kevin’s hesitation, Mourning shook his head with a wry smile. His eyes also revealed that Nai himself is white, and his current price is really out of the Knicks’ eyes. Now the Knicks need someone to ask for money and money, and with the current array, it is very likely that he will join a patient in a row.
"In fact, it is not necessary to join the Knicks, but A Lang and I may not be able to guarantee your main position and salary …" Kevin thought for a while and said.
"What? Kevin, don’t worry, I don’t care so much about the main position anymore. I just hope I can play on the court. I can’t get back to my peak physically. I can be a substitute. I am satisfied with the salary. I can get the veteran’s basic salary … "After hearing Kevin’s words, Mourning almost returned to heaven from hell. J: He almost jumped up from Hu.
"No, no, no, that’s not what I meant. A Lang Zuo wants to know that even if you can’t get back to your peak, I believe you are also a very good center because the Knicks already have Ewing and these two centers, and you may be the third substitute. I’m afraid this will be unfair to you, because the team has exceeded the salary cap and may give you a middle-class contract …" Kevin laughed at Mourning’s misunderstanding. It seems that Mourning really loves basketball and sacrifices his position and money.
"I don’t care, I really don’t care if I can get back to the court, even if I can sit on the bench. I’m satisfied with the contract Kevin, I think the basic salary is enough, so there is no need …" It’s really beyond Mourning’s expectation to get this result. You know, now he is almost like a lost dog Knicks, and it’s the best gift for him to get him back to the court.
"Tell you what, A Lang, your body may not be in perfect condition this season, but I will definitely give you a satisfactory contract to wear the Knicks shirt next season before the playoffs, and before that, I hope you can recover well, knowing that you can return to the court one day earlier if you recover one day earlier." Kevin smiled. It seems that Mourning has no problem.
"Ok, I know, Kevin. Don’t worry, I will recover as soon as possible." Mourning was moved and said.
"Well, then I won’t bother you to rest, Patrick. I’ll go first." Kevin won’t stay in the hospital after his intention has been achieved.
"Good Kevin, thank you." Ewing gave Kevin a big hug. I could see that the Knicks veteran was also moved.
Kevin is also in a good mood after finishing mourning. Next season, the Knicks not only have the peak period, but also veterans such as mourning and Ewing, which is enough to win high honors again.
Champion, maybe … we’ll meet again.
Today, Chapter 2 Hee hee "Kidney Warrior" man of iron Mourning, do you like it?
Chapter sixty-three Near the star
Chapter sixty-three Near the star
Kevin has been working on man of iron Mourning for several days. Although Mourning’s strength and influence have greatly slipped, he can’t help the team immediately, but Kevin also attaches great importance to him.
At present, with the Knicks’ good configuration, the overall strength of the team has been very poor, lacking the cooperation of the remaining players and various experiences. At this critical moment, Ewing’s good return has stabilized the morale of the army. After all, Kevin is a good boss, but he is still inexperienced in dealing with locker room problems. Ewing, who has been the team boss for more than ten years, will handle these problems well, and his influence in the Knicks League will be harmful to the development of the Knicks.
"Raise your feet a little, don’t be too wide-eyed, and pay attention to your sides." In the training hall, Ewing is instructing you to practice defense in the restricted area. You should know that Ewing is a strong center and has rich experience in both ends of offense and defense.