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It is worth one thing that there are two special guests at the wedding, one is boas and the other is Keira Knightley.

Boas’s arrival has attracted a lot of media attention, and many media are still curious about this new Chelsea manager. After all, it is too young to be a Chelsea manager at the age of three.
Keira Knightley is also very special. Zhang Tiehan knows Knightley because he knew that Lola had a relationship with Knightley before, but now Knightley is still here. He is very worried about robbing Lola with him. Fortunately, Knightley didn’t make any trouble, but it also made Zhang man of iron very upset. However, it is also good that Lola is no longer targeting Molly. The feelings between Zhang Tiehan and Lola are really complicated.
On the second day of the wedding, Knightley came to find Zhang Tiehan.
Zhang Tiehan was surprised that Knightley came. He met Knightley with Lola. He wanted to see what this famous actress really wanted, but he never expected Knightley to make such a request.
"I want to keep seeing Lola."
Laura has been low head don’t talk Zhang Tiehan face is a little black.
"No," he decisively refused.
He can’t stand Laura having sex with someone else, even though the other person is a woman.
"What do you say, Lola?" Knightley looked at Lola
Laura looked up and said, "Keira, I’m married to man of iron. You know I chose Zhang. I made it very clear to you."
"Don’t you like me?"
"It’s wrong for us to be together." Lola glanced at Zhang Tiehan and gritted her teeth. "It was a mistake before, but now man of iron and I are in love."
Zhang Tiehan listened to provocation and glanced at Knightley.
Knightley shrugged. She blinked her eyes and looked at Zhang man of iron. Suddenly, she said, "But how about I ask to join you? I like Lola very much. I want to be with her. I’ll join you. You can do whatever you want to me. Let’s try it on the three of us? " Then she flirted at Zhang man of iron.
Zhang Tiehan was dumbfounded.
He looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, almost a perfect figure actress, and seemed to get along? Have a homosexual tendency, but how can you be a beautiful woman!
He swallowed, but it was still difficult to accept the complexity, so he continued to refuse "no"
Knightley said, and then walked to the front of Zhang Tiehan. He followed his lips and posted it in the past. Zhang Tiehan was sitting around and didn’t know how to react, but it was too tempting to seduce the stunner in front of him
He had a reaction and was caught.
Knightley immediately spat at Lola with a little nausea. "Men are really disgusting. Lola, have you been like this with him?"
Lola was speechless, too.
Knightley continued to be soft and then said, "But I still want to try Lola. If you can do it, I can do it. How about saying yes now?"
Listening to Knightley’s words, I felt that she didn’t even know what she was doing, so she had an affair with Lola and Knightley in the living room quickly.
Chapter five hundred and nineteen Heavy linanfeld
Just when Zhang man of iron was constantly correcting his emotional problems, the outside media actually didn’t care about his private life problems, because Zhang man of iron was married, which is a very important sign, which means that when he officially has a family for a long time, there will be no media asking him questions about his emotional life.
Media Heart or Chelsea
Chelsea just finished the coaching change, but before the coaching change, Chelsea’s performance was quite poor. During this period, the turmoil and talk in Chelsea Club Department have been incessant. Grant’s departure and boas have become the focus of attention. Now boas’s ability has been questioned by the media, but the CEO of Chelsea Club Kenyon did say that "Abramovich and Chelsea executives are very supportive of boas"
"It’s not just the club. boas knows every player. He has been an assistant coach at Chelsea for more than two years. He used to be Mourinho’s assistant. Everyone is not against him. We also believe that he can do better than Mourinho."
Kenyon said so.
Then he questioned the media reports that "many clubs want to be in our position, only two points behind the first place in the Premier League, and we may be the only club that still has opportunities on all four fronts"
"I think we need to take the current situation into account. We are very calm. We are sure that everyone’s goals, including the club’s top management and boas, will focus on continuing the achievements of the first two wonderful seasons in the coming games."
"The boss and the top management of the club are very supportive of boas. Let me tell you that boas is a very capable coach. We believe that he can lead Chelsea to complete this wonderful season. He is different from Grant. I believe that his ability and others believe that I think he will do well. What we should do is to look forward to where he can lead the team rather than doubt his ability."
"boas likes Chelsea very much and I believe he will do better than Mourinho."
Kenyon finally said
The CEO of Kenyon Club, his words are still very powerful. At this moment, Kenyon’s support for boas will definitely greatly alleviate the pressure that boas’s new coach suddenly faces when coaching a team like Chelsea.
Despite Kenyon’s public support, there are still many questions about boas’s ability in the media. After all, boas is a newcomer and an assistant coach of Mourinho. He has never been a head coach, and at the age of 3, he is not as old as some players and has no professional experience. The general media is not optimistic.
But many people didn’t expect that it was boas’s first public press conference two days before Chelsea played Wigan Athletic.
This is a routine press conference.
There’s nothing special about the press conference, and it’s not a press conference specially prepared by boas. It’s just a routine announcement. Generally, this kind of press conference is presided over by the press officer of the club, but this time boas appeared at the venue. When he saw boas’s young face, many reporters immediately felt that trip worthwhile would really regret it if he really missed boas’s first public appearance at the press conference.
Contrary to what many people think, boas appeared confident in front of reporters and didn’t talk about whether he was qualified to take over the team. Instead, he talked directly about the current situation of the team. "We are currently two points behind Manchester United. If Manchester United beat Arsenal in the next league, the gap will be widened to five points (Manchester United is one game less than Chelsea), but the team is in good condition. Cech has recovered from his injury and Luo has recovered well."
Speaking of this, boas laughed. "I can say that I have made a good time. At present, the team is very strong. I believe that the team will still be the most favorable contender for the championship. I also believe that Chelsea will win several championships this season!"