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This is a scary head full of pure blue color, with two beards hanging down like a dragon head in western movies.

Chu Yun keeps telling himself not to be nervous. He is a player. What is there to be afraid of?
Qinglong level 1 mysterious beast life? ? ? This paper introduces the four great beasts in Yuncang mainland, which were injured by the war between gods and demons 1000 years ago and have not healed yet.
Skills? ? ?
"Green Dragon …" For this name, Chu Yun is really heard.
But how can there be a Qinglong here? I hope this dragon is as kind as it says, or it’s over.
"I have been waiting for a thousand years for a thousand years, and now I can finally hand over the sacred animal eggs to you." When Qinglongkou, thick air billow spewed out, but it didn’t spray Chu Yun.
"Destiny?" Chu Yun doesn’t care. What’s going on?
"Yes, you are the prophet of the cat thousands of years ago. You are the destiny." The whole body of Qinglong gushed out, and the green light gradually became smaller and finally became a blue ball of light.
When the ball of light fell beside Chu Yun, Qinglong turned into a middle-aged man dressed in cyan ornaments.
"What destiny?" Chu Yun couldn’t help but take a step back and still be afraid.
Qinglong faint smile "is the savior of this world"
"my savior?" Chu Yun nodded his finger as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.
Give back the savior with your own strength. Why don’t you be the savior?
"Although I don’t believe that you are the savior in the cat’s nest prophecy, no one can change it." Qinglong said flatly, although he didn’t believe it either, the cat’s nest prophecy forced him to believe it.
"The cat was? Who is the secret? " Chu Yun felt that Mr Qinglong was joking with himself.
"He is a prophet. Fifteen years ago, he said that there would be a disaster in five years, but no one believed it at that time. But as soon as five years came, the inferno invasion eventually led to the death of ghosts and gods …" Qinglong felt a faint sigh.
"…" Chu Yun didn’t know what to say.
"And you’re the savior predicted by the secret after the ghost war. Although I’m not sure, I have to believe that the whole world is dying in Yuncang mainland … so he asked me to guard it again and set up a post in person. Once anyone passes, he is the savior."
"This is incredible?" For this Chu Yun feels like listening to a strange story.
"The cat said that even the goddess of light could stop the catastrophe this time. Only you can resolve it …" Qinglong was very serious.
Chu Yun "…"
"And this sacred animal egg is an indispensable thing for you. Without it, the catastrophe can still be prevented," Qinglong said, pointing to the glittering egg of the boulder.
"What is this sacred beast?" Chu Yun asked curiously.
"I don’t know what it is? But this is the secret to you. Listen to what he said. This sacred beast can bring you poor luck, "Qinglong explained seriously."
"Fate?" Chu Yun felt puzzled. "What about the plane that day?"
"He’s a man …" Qinglong wry smile. "He died after the war in order to predict the cost of his body and soul."
"Dead?" Chu Yun more puzzling.
At this time, Qinglong suddenly drifted to Chu Yun towards the mysterious egg and landed in front of him.
"Can I really take this egg?" Chu Yun looked at the egg worship way each other, after all, is tsing lung a finger can kill yourself in.
"This is you," said Qinglong.
"Well," Chu Yun asked directly, "When will this egg hatch?"
Generally, pet eggs can hatch after being made; Can this be done by egg root method, let alone hatching?
"I don’t know?" Qinglong Tantan hand "Just let nature take its course"
"…" Chu Yun is thinking about whether to give this egg to the old man?
"This is for you. If you have an accident, you can summon me to your side, but there is a chance …" Said Qinglong and handed a piece of radiant cyan scales to Chu Yun.
Chu Yun was overjoyed when he received it. Who can match Qinglong in Yuncang Mainland?
The strange scales of Qinglong can summon Qinglong to your side.
"It’s time to say I said goodbye!" The dragon turned into a green light and quickly shot into the waterfall and disappeared.
As soon as Qinglong disappeared, Chu Yun’s pressure was greatly reduced. "I am the savior. Is it true?"
It’s just like in Kung Fu. When an old beggar tells you to punish evil and eliminate rape, it’s up to you to maintain world peace, what will happen to you? Believe it or not?
"Let nature take its course" Chu Yun no longer thinks much. The most important thing now is whether to give the pet egg to the old man.
It’s all right if the pet eggs can hatch early, but what if they never hatch?
Chapter 65 was pitted!
Give up; Not giving is not good; Chu Yun was puzzled whether to give it or not.
He was immediately attracted when he saw a pile of treasures bursting out on the ground.
This is the mysterious boss burst out …
Chu Yun first put the broken gold coins and potions into his backpack and then counted the war profits.
"Witchcraft spirit" category bracelet; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 2; Attribute Intelligence +2 Spirit +2 When this effect is launched, it will reduce its total health by 1% per second, but the magic attack power will increase by 2% per second. At this stage, the method will increase its blood volume. This is a bracelet injected with dark energy, and it may fall on the spot if it is not careful.
To be honest, this bracelet is not bad, but the effect is … how to say it’s a good artifact; If it is not good, it is a magic weapon!
"Holy moon streamer wand" category wand; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 2; Attribute magic attack power +5 intelligence +1 spirit +1 3% chance to restore 1% health when releasing skills. Introduction to the origin is not only powerful, but also powerful.
Skill [Light of Courage] When this skill is released, 3 meters is covered. All friendly parties increase their intelligence strength by 1% (including themselves). The effect lasts for 3 seconds, and the cooldown is 6 seconds.
It’s worthy that the mysterious effect is good. There’s nothing to say. If a mage has this staff, it’s equivalent to having a personal priest, and it can also increase the powerful buff.