23, Jun 2024

It is true that the Dark King knows a lot about the rebel army, and some of his hands know a lot about the rebel army. They can easily get enough anti-gravity devices for seven generations from the rebel army.
Of course, you can’t get as much as you want. After all, the Dark King is understaffed, and most of them will still be carved up by these big forces.
"So what do we do now? We have five hours at most, and we can get here after finishing with the dark king."
"It’s only been more than three hours now, and there are still seven places to fill. From the current situation, if they are killed like this, I’m afraid it will be impossible to fill these places in ten hours."
Suddenly there was a big shout in the confusion, "Shut up!"
After quiet, the sound said slowly, "Take five areas. Area 1 is commanded by the stars. Area 2 is commanded by flying. Area 3 is commanded by crazy flowers. Area 4 is commanded by Tianhua. Area 5 is commanded by Ji Yan! Mobilize 200 experts in each area to go out and meet us! "
"Give it to me!"
"No problem!"
"I don’t want to hear anyone else in here except the conductor."
The alliance is naturally in the leader. This speaker is the leader of these big power alliances, and these five people are the strategic and tactical command experts in these big powers. They are young and less than 20 years old. There are also old chitose who experienced the first interstellar war and have rich experience.
Leave professional matters to professionals.
When five commanders appeared, they immediately arranged for those players who came from outside to change routes or gather together to break through from all directions, and at the same time, according to the corresponding situation, more than one person was sent out to meet those players.
The dark king side naturally has terror, which is second only to the dark king.
The game code name of the Dark King is Diablo, and he also has some relatively novel code names, such as "the king of destruction", "the devil of destruction" and "the evil Lord". The three men are old monsters who have been with the Dark King for thousands of years.
To destroy the King, the Devastator and the Evil Lord are all just like the Dark King. After the Dark King returned from the sixth special training, he was taught martial arts skills and life burning technology, which also made them come out of the deep dimension and continue to follow the Dark King in Time.
All three of them took their own hands to harvest big league players everywhere.
Big power alliance someone to command them three experienced old guy is naturally see at a glance.
"hey! Someone commanded! "
"I can see it!"
"There should be two veterans who can’t say for sure or old rivals who have played with us …"
"Just remind them of the horror of darkness!"
"Don’t talk big, okay … there are too few of us."
"There are not many of them!"
"That’s true, but they should send out those masters hiding in the base to be tough."
"Ha ha, the goal is different. Their goal should be to shorten the time, and our goal is to extend the time … but you can also see that they now have these two old rivals in five areas, and the other three are correct. Their tactical goal is to annihilate us in a short time!"
"Although we can achieve the same goal by annihilating, one more link in this battle for time is to gild the lily in the area where these two veterans are located. We don’t care. We have to deal with these three novices with big appetites and delay enough time."
"well! And there are several free players in the area where these two veterans are responsible to help us … "
"Participating in special training is very attractive to free players, and every time is a turning point in their fate."
Free players naturally can’t be overbearing and kingly. After all, the base of players in Time is too large, such as Star River and Spark, the masters of interstellar pirates, such as those of mercenaries, and many masters who are unknown in the world.
"Yes, in reality, they dare not resist those big forces, but they can struggle in this game."
"Stop talking nonsense and act!"
The three terrorist hands of the Dark King have known each other for thousands of years. Although they are chatting, they take action early. When there is no wave, chatting and talking about some things are just confirming their own judgments. The three of them are mainly directing rather than fighting.
The war broke out!
Lin and the dark king flew non-stop in the direction of 7 times gravity area base.
"Diablo, how are they equipped now?" Lin asked an important question. Four years has not appeared in Time. Four years is enough for them to grow and develop in equipment. I’m afraid the two of them don’t have much advantage.
"It seems that after you stayed in it for so long, you still don’t know that the rare materials in the universe are precious!" The dark king smiled.
Lin asked, "Are cosmic rare materials really rare?"
The Dark King said, "Yes! From the first interstellar war until the end of the universe-class rare materials to make all kinds of weapons and equipment, the rebel side and the allied side have the same base, so there is not much difference, that is to say, you have phlogistic gold and make streamer wing silver spar phlogistic gold armor. The rebel side has five sets, and the allied side has seven sets … This is the result from the war to the end, and this game will never produce more than this amount of materials, including two sets on the rebel side and four sets on the allied side. During the struggle, we found that the materials were enough to make six sets, and you accounted for half of them. There are two Vulcan guns left on the np side of the alliance army. They certainly can’t get the rank, and there are five sets and two sets on the rebel side. We still can’t reach the remaining three sets, and some of them can’t get decent equipment if they are divided into hundreds of forces. "
"Besides, silver spar is one grade higher than phlogistic gold, that is, one grade is scarce. There are three pieces on the rebel side and four pieces on the allied side. This one should belong to the rebel side …"
"Most of the universe-level rare metals are studied instead of being used, so that no matter which side gets the universe-level rare metals, most of them are obtained from various research institutes and arsenal warehouses … very scattered."
"So you don’t worry about equipment!"
"Time, after all, is not a mess of virtual game equipment … Besides, there were only a few more cosmic rare materials in the hundreds of years of war, and now it’s only less than ten years …"