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"Well, this shop in our fortress is 2 in total, except for the two pieces that are far away and Feiyang boss. You want the remaining 14. We have to rely on these shops and the income from sending troops to maintain the whole fortress. We must ensure that all shops can make big profits so that we can earn taxes."

"Yes, this is a win-win situation!"
"But if we manage who pays more, we will take out the shops. What if they don’t manage well? If they have no money to earn, we have no money to earn! "
"Well, it’s not bad. I just said that it’s best to let one store send it."
"This is good. I mean, we have to look at their distribution plan and then decide who to give the shop to! We need to know what stores they are going to do, what business they are going to do, and how to do it. If they think the plan is good, they will be able to do it. Otherwise, they will lose us and make no money. Maybe later, Ha Ai will be recognized as a place where we can’t make money. Others will still squeeze us too much ~ "
After listening to the widow’s words, I frowned and thought about it. "That’s the truth. If you say this, you have to consider it from both sides. First, these businesses make plans. Second, they are willing to pay the price for the fortress."
"Well, boss Feiyang, if you agree, I will inform those representatives to make their plans!"
"Don’t just call them all. Let’s talk to them together. After telling our ideas directly, we will bid for the land on the spot. After we get the results, we won’t announce them first, then let them take out the plan and we will choose it ourselves. Just announce our choice directly!"
"Will boss Feiyang’s words make them feel unfair?"
"Let’s just make the auction data public when the results are not finally announced."
"Well, I’ll inform them to come over now."
"Well well you notice! Ten minutes later, I’ll go to the reception room and get those np leaders in charge of functional buildings. "
I forgot this thing in the territory, so I have to go again ~ There is a blacksmith shop in the fortress, but it is only responsible for np troops. The fortress pays funds to arrange for this blacksmith army to build equipment or repair equipment; And yiguang needs to arrange priests in it, which is also responsible for np troops. If they are injured after the battle, they will be sent directly to yiguang. np will directly keep the wounded and reduce the number of troops. Of course, the funds needed are also paid directly by the fortress
There are also cavalry training camps, soldier training camps and other professional training camps, and specialized np military training can enhance the combat effectiveness of corresponding professional soldiers; There is also an animal training hall that specializes in training mounts to train cavalry mounts in the army; Artisans’ Workshop is a special fortress to build defensive equipment to repair the city gate wall, and so on. These also need to arrange people to be responsible for it. They also need to get funds from the fortress. But these various intelligent institutions are indispensable. Without the broken city gate, no one can repair it, and the seriously injured soldiers can’t be treated. However, it will be possible to recover from minor injuries, but it will be necessary for the np army wounded to go to various arms training in the territory without recovering. It’s not too bad to find the training camp directly from various professional clubs, so I invited a few soldiers who just reached the epic level. Anyway, the strength of the soldiers in those troops was not so good. I found an animal trainer in Baikal Oasis, but it was a special cavalry mount training base before they came there. It was so appropriate for them to do this. Then yiguang asked Archbishop Weiss to arrange a bishop in the church and found two people in the blacksmith’s shop and craftsman’s workshop for me.
Take the people back to the fortress and arrange all the manpower. Others will directly order the craftsmen to study and produce mechanical giant crossbows, and then give them the two armored trebuchets to study how to build np troops with five each. If I have this thing, I will be much more relieved about defense.
Arrange things. I’ll go straight to the commander’s office and make money from the fortress. We still need more snacks!
Chapter 47 Fortress shops auction
I am anxious. It seems that those business representatives are even more anxious! I just left, that is, ten minutes ago. Ask the widow to inform me to meet me in the reception room in ten minutes. As a result, I was already here as soon as I got back.
"Haha, I’m sorry to call you again!" I smiled and greeted everyone as soon as I got tight.
"Ha-ha, President Feiyang, congratulations! You’ve been promoted to Wang Jue again, but now you’re a prince!" Star God smiled with a fat face ~ "Yes, President Feiyang, now we are in Huaxia District, but you have won the king without even holding back the duke. You really should be congratulated!"
"Ha ha, that’s luck. It’s only by hitting this fortress and killing more monsters that you can have this feat, but this baron is also a title. It’s no good to buy things at a unified store a little cheaper!"
"Ha ha, this is also an honor. How many people in reality want to seal the king and seal the marquis in ancient times? Isn’t it that many people want to stay in history? "
"This game is not that good! Haha, everyone, have a seat first! I think Vice President Langzhong has told everyone, right? Calling everyone here is about the land of this fortress shop! " I went to the theme with a smile and went straight to the topic. We don’t have time to talk to these guys about what goes down in history!
"Yes, the vice president of Feiyang, Dr. Langzhong, has already told us that we have no opinion on the auction. It is better now!" Star god narrowing her small eyes laughed
"Well, I’ll show you the overall distribution of the whole fortress land. The whole north area is divided into six areas and the south area is divided into two areas from the central main road, five areas in the west and three areas in the east. I’ll also say that sometimes I have arranged for the shops to be stationed far and wide, and two areas are directly occupied. Now these areas are left."
After I finished, the widow smiled and added, "Delegates and the president of God just flew up. The boss has already said the land distribution. Let me be more specific. There are two shops in the northern district, two of which are in the north of the square. There are two shops next to the other four on both sides of the north-south main road behind the commander’s office; Two of the five plots in the west of the southern district are next to the south gate, and the other three are also near the intersection of the south gate, all of which are in good positions; Three plots of land in the east, one next to the south gate and two next to the east gate, are in good positions! Everyone can see it on the map. "
"Well, the two presidents said it was very clear, and we have seen it in detail!" Star god said with a smile
"Well, I’ll tell you what we think! Delegates, see if you can accept it! I said before that if the fortress is captured, we can’t make compensation. Then, if anyone is not going to continue to operate when the two sides agree, we will directly recover the land and reschedule! "
"No problem, President Feiyang, tell me about the auction method, and we will be direct!" Star god walked over to say
"good! I’m going to bid for all shops for rent, so it will take one year. What do you think? "
"Fly in the sky, President of a year? I don’t know if it’s realistic. What about a year? Or a year in the game? " A representative asked frowning.
"It depends on everyone’s opinions. If you think that a realistic year is suitable, then a realistic year or when you think it is suitable can of course be different. The starting price of the auction is definitely different!"
"President Feiyang, if the game lasts for one year, it will be too short. I think it will be a realistic year?" Star god said with a smile
"What do you think?" I nodded and asked several other people.
"Just follow the reality for one year!" A few people all nodded and said
"Well, it’s a real year. Then we will directly bid for six shops in the North District. When the game is a real year, we will rent a reserve price of 300 million gold coins for six years, which is only 56,000 shops a year! Everyone won’t feel high, will they? " I said with a smile
"The bottom price of three hundred million gold coins is really not expensive, so the Duke of Flying is asking for it directly? I don’t know how much to add to a bid? " Star god asked with a smile
"Ha ha, we don’t always bid. In fact, everyone has a bottom price that they can bear. Doing business must be predicted as if it is too high for them to bear, so it’s not worth renting this store. Just send me your bottom price directly. Finally, I’ll report the numbers that everyone sent me!"
"good! President Feiyang’s method is feasible, so let’s do it? " Star god looked at several business representatives.
"If everyone is ready, just give up if you don’t bid after 1 second!" I said with a smile
Just after I finished, the news kept ringing, indicating that only a few seconds later, everyone in the past sent me their quotations, and my heart suddenly became happy! These guys won’t be discussed with each other, will they? There are actually three quotations ~ I smiled and looked at humanity. "Everyone, your quotations are all here now. The lowest is 300 million gold coins and the highest is 550 million gold coins. Do you want me to publish all your quotations so that everyone suspects that I am fake!"