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Rashid, who has been holding back for so long, succeeded in attacking the line in a row in low singles again and again. Dell Davis, who had just been blasted by Ewing, was blasted by Rashid again. Although Miller succeeded in making a pick-and-roll shot on the outside, how could the outside shooting rate be possible? The Knicks were 15 points ahead of the Pacers at the end of the high half.

"The outcome is going to be divided!" Watching his teammates act nervous all night, Kevin finally breathed a sigh of relief. If he can hold one of the three games until he comes back, the Knicks still have a chance
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Chapter one hundred and sixty "Kevin, we need you!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty "Kevin, we need you!"
On May 2nd, 2002, the first game of the Eastern Semifinal between new york Knicks and Indiana Pacers came to an end, and the result was finally achieved after a four-minute struggle.
The Knicks beat the Pacers with a slight advantage of 4 points and defended themselves at home. The biggest hero in the home game was none other than veteran Patrick Ewing. In this game, Ewing scored 35 points, 13 rebounds and 6 blocks in three minutes, and the horror data exploded the Pacers’ line by himself. Although the Pacers hit 3 points in a row at the end of the game, the score was almost even, but at the crucial moment, the game was always ordinary. Bowen stole Jay Ross’s ball and assisted Ray Allen to score 2+1, thus locking the game victory.
Although the Pacers lost the game, Reggie Miller still scored 27 points on 12-for-2 shooting. Except for Miller’s performance, Jay Ross scored 19 points, Rick Smith scored 15 points and 9 rebounds, and Mark Jackson scored 11 points and 9 assists.
Compared with the Pacers, the Knicks scored three points except Ewing 35. Double Rashid scored 19 points and nine rebounds. Ray Allen scored 23 points in 11 of 17 shots, and Lewis scored 17 points.
The Knicks’ victory over the Pacers immediately caused a sensation in the league. The Pacers, who were supposed to be dominant, were held down by the Knicks for a whole game. Only then did people realize that the Knicks were not as old as Kevin Totti, an orangutan.
After a victory, the Knicks media advocated that the disabled Knicks could easily take the Pacers. When Kevin came back, was it that the Knicks had already 3? Leading! The media believed that the Knicks had won the game, boasting blindly about the ball in the media. M forgot that Ray Allen dragged his tired body and struggled to run the whole game. He forgot that he was too big to fight for rebounds and broke his forehead. He also forgot how difficult it was to win. People have already prepared a bonfire for victory, as if the pacers were lambs to be slaughtered. But will the game really become so smooth?
On May 4, the second game of the Eastern Conference semifinals was still when the Knicks’ home opponent was still the Pacers. It was two days ago, but the result was very different from before.
The game has entered the last quarter, and there are still seven minutes before the end of the game. This time should have been the most intense moment of the game, but at this time, Madison Square is full of birds, and some balls M can’t bear to watch any more and have already left.
If it weren’t for the three figures behind, the ball M would definitely be claimed by the Knicks first, but when the game has already entered the garbage, everyone can’t believe that just two days ago, the Knicks and the Pacers were evenly matched in the first game of the Eastern Conference semifinals, and it was not until the last minute that the winner was decided. Today …
Watching the Knicks players almost collapse on the spot, M can’t complain. It’s not that they don’t work hard, but that their physical strength is not enough to support the game. At the end of the half, the two teams were tied, but when the pacers changed to energetic bench players in the third quarter, the Knicks substitutes could not run.
Defeated! Fiasco! All the words of failure can be put in the present Knicks sitting on the bench. Kevin buried his head in his knees for a long time and didn’t want to lift it. He couldn’t bear to see his players slaughtered like this.
Ewing’s promise to himself has been fulfilled, and now he can put his knees in the ice bucket and look at the team doctor. He said that Ewing’s knee burden is too heavy. If he plays with such a high load again, he may need surgery again. The surgery may mean something new to others, but for Ewing, it may be really over.
Drop! ! !
At the end of the game, all the players of the Knicks, the pacers, bowed their heads and stood next to each other. There were tens of thousands of people in Madison Square Garden who didn’t clap their hands and cheer. It was terrible in the stadium.
The huge difference of nearly 4 points seems to be against players at different levels. Here, everyone saw the head but didn’t guess the end. At home, the Knicks and Pacers scored a total score of 1. 1 draw, but is it really that simple? Everyone knows that it’s only a matter of time before the White Knicks lose.
On May 7, the Knicks arrived in Indiana, where they will play two games with the Pacers. The jiā front is stronger and the home court advantage is added. Maybe when they return to home, the Knicks will have 1; Fall behind
Once again, facing the horrible away ball outside the window, the Knicks players calmed down a lot. Everyone squinted in the chair to replenish their strength instead of injecting the buffoon outside the window. The head coach Hubby Brown looked at the data in his hand and bowed his head.
"Byron, Mike, I want to give up this game," said Old Brown in a low voice, looking at the front of the car holding various slogans.
"what!" "What?" Two teaching assistants asked in surprise.
"What do you think are our chances of winning this game?" Old Brown didn’t answer the two questions, but asked them a question instead.
"This … 4%!" Byron Scott hesitated, but McMillan didn’t even say it.
"Four percent you said is too conservative! There is nothing to say about 2%. We are almost sure to lose this game. Bird has found our weakness now. If we still follow the normal routine, we will really end this season. "
"So … after giving up, what are you going to do …" Byron Scott seemed to come over for nothing and lay his eyes on Kevin, who was looking out the window and shaking.
"yes! I’m going to bet on him. We made it to the Eastern Conference finals and failed. We just went home before. "Old Brown waved his left hand and saw in his eyes that he had made a decision.
"Coach, you have to know that a defeat has made many people at the top dissatisfied. If you give up another game, you will win in the end. If you really lose, then …" McMillan wants to go deeper.
"Don’t say! I’d rather die in the charge road than admit defeat, and I believe him. "Byron Scott and McMillan saw a determined Kevin Totti following the eyes of Old Brown."
In the third game of the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Knicks challenged the Pacers away from home. Although they knew that the strength of the Knicks was much different from that of the Pacers, the Knicks ball M was still waiting for a miracle in the early stage of the video.
However, miracles always happen to those who are prepared, and the emperor will never pity the weak and lose! Still lost! If a game is due to a lack of physical strength, the Knicks feel that they are giving up on themselves at the end of the game.
Almost half of the starters, such as Ray Allen, Rashid and Ewing, came out in less than three minutes, and everyone watched the Pacers win a victory easily.
The Pacers didn’t seriously defend the victory. It was too easy to believe. At the end of the game, everyone pointed the finger at the current Knicks coach Hubby Brown.
"Old stubborn!" "Crazy!" "Idiot!" The dirty words of "idiot" poured on old Brown like dirty water. This time, even Knicks ball M was on the enemy’s side. It seems that everyone has forgotten the happiness and glory that old Brown brought to Knicks ball M in the regular season.
At the same time, people finally found out that Kevin made a sincere appeal to the young boy for the Knicks’ important ball M.
"Kevin come back! We need you! "
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Chapter one hundred and seven I’m not the king, but I’m back
Chapter one hundred and seven I’m not the king, but I’m back
"Is Kevin ready?" Old Brown in the lounge asked with a smile.
"Always be ready for the coach."
"Well, this game will be jiā for you." Old Brown nodded with satisfaction and walked out of the lounge first.
"Brothers …" Kevin turned to look at these comrades who struggled for a year for a long time and could not speak.
"Kevin welcomes you back," Ewing said, patting him on the shoulder with a smile.
"eh? ….. um … I’m back. "Kevin looked up and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.
In the 1999 playoffs, the Lakers entered the fierce second round of the Western Conference semifinals for the time being. 1 ahead of the sun pioneer 2; 1 Leading the Jazz Eastern Semifinal City 76ers 3; Leading Charlotte Hornets Indiana Pacers 2; 1 Leading the new york Knicks Everyone knows that the result of the fourth game may directly determine the final match between the East and the West.
There is no suspense for the 76ers in the East City to win, and the overall strength is dominant. The 76ers are likely to sweep the Charlotte Hornets into the first promotion team, and the only suspense lies in the Knicks. Although the Pacers have won two consecutive victories, the momentum has taken the absolute wind, but in the fourth game, the Knicks star Kevin Totti is about to return.
The Pacers will never forget the pain Kevin brought them last season. Last year, if Miller didn’t win the first game, the Knicks would probably sweep the Pacers and play the role of the rookie Kevin Totti.
Now Kevin Totti is praised as "new york" by Knicks Ball M and "Flash" by opponents, but for more people, Kevin is a symbol of miracle.
It’s only been one season in nb, but Kevin has broken too many records. Even the magician was not as talented and talented as him. Although Kevin can’t play from No.1 to No.5, he has given everyone a new understanding of No.1 in just two seasons.
People often say that a good No.1 position can make teammates stronger, coaches easier, offenses more beautiful, and games easier to win. To put it bluntly, Kevin has done everything and done better and better.
Today, Kevin is once again facing unprecedented difficulties in front of the miracle threshold against the soldier Ma Zhuang and the Knicks, who are ready to go. Everyone is looking forward to Kevin’s performance after his comeback and whether he can continue to create miracles.
Although it was an Eastern Conference semi-final, people paid more attention to him than last year’s finals, which was unexpected by everyone. Maybe David Stern knew that Kevin had such influence, and he was probably reluctant to ban him from these three games. Maybe one day Kevin’s popularity will surpass that of a generation of basketball gods-Michael Jordan.
Before the game, the Las Vegas casino gave this game a huge handicap, and the walker won 1; 2 bet that the Knicks win is 1; For those fanatical gamblers, the odds are enough for them to take a chance. As far as Kevin knows what is happening outside, he sits quietly in the lounge, squinting and waiting for the game, but the words around him are uneasy.
"Kevin, it’s Alan!"
"oh? Ha ha! Congratulations! One step away from promotion. "
"Tongxiyou, today is also your" out of prison "day!"
"ha! You are really joking. "
"Kevin, do you know? Although I really want to avenge being eliminated by the Pacers last year, I am more looking forward to fighting you, and only you deserve to be my opponent. Come on! Don’t let me down. "
"Alan, I can understand that you are making trouble for yourself again?"
"Whatever. Don’t you think it’s easy to live without an opponent!"
"In fact, I want to say that your words are really good!"
"Ha ha! I won’t bother you! See you in the Eastern Conference finals! "
Before Kevin could answer Iverson, he hung up. Kevin suddenly recalled the three games he had recently sat on the bench. These three games can be said to be the saddest day for Kevin for so many years. Kevin really doesn’t want to try again. Seeing that the championship trophy is getting farther and farther away from him, Kevin knows that these are the results of his own choice. Reconstruction is not really about changing coaches and players. He is faced with youthful young players, young cooperation and that young heart
Kevin knows that the Knicks configuration has no impact championship this year. Maybe failure is close at hand, but Kevin doesn’t want to fail so soon. He doesn’t want to lose to Miller in Indiana. He doesn’t want Ewing’s efforts to pay for it …
Bang! Bang! Bang!