26, Jun 2024
What, what brother will become like this and become so cold?

Green double don’t know because the man in front of him is ready to rush toward himself.
Red nails shine with sharp light, bloodthirsty!
Blood is the only thing that calms Lin Ze’s madness.
It’s a flower in the eye that fell to the ground. Lin Ze has disappeared. The red claws have completely covered the green faces. Although the ivy at the wrist has been emitting green light, I want to restrain Lin Ze, but I don’t know.
In three seconds, Qing Shuang will die in the hands of Lin Ze.
"Brother …"
The girl murmured softly, her eyes closed, and two tears slipped down her cheeks.
This crooning is extremely slight but extremely calm and crazy. Lin Ze’s heart gives a hard pumping like something tearing, but he can restrain his heart in other ways.
He needs the thrill of blood spatter.
The result seems doomed!
At this moment, Lin Ze’s left index finger ring suddenly emits a more intense green light than the green vine, but it is no longer as warm as the former green vine, but a cold feeling rushes into Lin Ze’s mind.
"Stop! Stop it for me! "
Lin Ze finally heard the violent drinking in his mind.
He gradually came to his senses and returned to normal.
The golden vertical pupil disappears instantly, and the gentle silver eyes reappear.
In this short time, Lin Ze’s tenacity and perseverance forcibly pulled his left hand out of control and hit the green double body …
After a burst of smoke and dust, two people crashed into the wall of gravity chamber rapidly.
Qing Shuang leaned against Lin Ze’s chest, and two people slowly collapsed from the wall and sat on the ground. Lin Ze spit out one mouthful blood, and the body was wrapped in white mist and collected into the blood.
Touched a pair of blue snorts, nothing happened. Lin Ze breathed a sigh of relief slightly, holding the girl and sitting cross-legged. He closed his eyes and restrained himself from letting his mind not kill, and let the strange negative breath in his mind slowly re-emerge and respond to the blood in his mind …
After a long time.
Lin Ze evenly exhales to dispel a tired body and slowly opens his eyes.
At this time, his eyes have returned to clear and deep eyes, and there is no absolute cold and bloodthirsty ice chill.
Run away and wake up!
Until this moment, Lin Zecai knew that the real outbreak turned out to be such a state.
Finally, I know why Master doesn’t want to choose this film technique …
In addition to physical changes, mood changes are more direct and terrible!
He believes that in that state of mind, he will become the most cold-blooded killing machine, which can better explode his physical potential.
In that state, he seems to have no feelings and a heart of killing! All the thoughts in my mind revolve around how to kill people faster and more efficiently. It’s absolutely cruel!
Recovered Lin Ze couldn’t help but scold me at the thought of that strange state.
If it weren’t for the strange green color in the ring, if it weren’t for the binge drinking of Plymouth, I might have made a big mistake now.